BEING CLEOPATRA: The Biblical Museum of Leon added 3 busts of Cleopatra

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Biblical Museum of Leon added 3 busts of Cleopatra

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The Biblical Museum of Leon added to its collection three busts of Cleopatra

"Three busts of the mysterious Queen Cleopatra are the latest addition to the Biblical and Oriental Museum. The threshold of three years, the museum instaladado in a wing of St. Isidore, is preparing a major exhibition on the Egyptian queen. So far no date.

Permits to remove parts of France, from the private collection of patrons and museum curator Francisco Leon Antonovich, have already led to several postponements. One hundred busts, coins and reliefs, which have never been shown together so far, will go into one of the most fascinating and enigmatic of Egypt.

For now, the museum headed by Jesús Garcia Recio, and displays a small preview, three busts of the Pharaoh, whom film and some historians have portrayed as a frivolous woman, who first burst into the arms of Julius Caesar and then , where the Roman general Mark Antony, with whom he had four children. The exhibition will share space with Alexander the Great, whose dynasty, the Ptolemies, Cleopatra herself down.

On March 11 will mark three years since Queen Sofia inaugurated the Biblical Museum, which, despite being home unique treasures in the world, still going unnoticed in Leon. At this time, the Bible Museum and Oriental, which has one of the best collections of early civilizations, has only received 26,300 visits.

The exhibition Antonovich Recio and prepared for months on Cleopatra, is the dispute museums around the world. The antiquarian and historian Francisco Antonovich Cairo home with the exhibition aims to rehabilitate the image of the Egyptian queen.

The two most valuable pieces of the future shows, is titled Cleopatra and queens of Alexandria, are two busts of the Egyptian queen. In one queen crown acts like a vulture. The sculpture, which celebrates youth and beauty of Cleopatra must have been produced during the lifetime of the queen. The vulture's head, missing, would erect like a cobra. The other piece is the head of the Ptolemaic dynasty queen at the age of twelve, carved in marble, Hellenistic period.

In the current exhibition, The religious itinerary of Alexander the Great, who was supposed to be temporary but will definitely be in Leon, also includes a piece of Cleopatra, known as the bas-relief of Caesarion. It's a wake, in which Julius Caesar is depicted as a pharaoh, with the attributes of the god Amun, as the crown of a hawk, and Cleopatra figure dressed as the goddess Mout. There is also the son, Caesarion, who died at the age of fourteen, presumed murdered."

~Source: Journal of Leon (Translated from French to English with Google Translate)

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