BEING CLEOPATRA: How Did The Ancient Egyptians Celebrate New Years?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

How Did The Ancient Egyptians Celebrate New Years?

The procession during the Feast of Opet

Ancient Egyptians actually celebrated their equivalent to New Years, the Feast of Opet, around the middle of June. During this time of year, the Nile River usually overflowed its banks. As a result, the people were not able to work but instead were able to take part in this multi-day celebration! The traditions of the Feast of Opet consisted of statues of the god Amon with his wife and son taken by boat in a procession down the Nile from the Mosque of Abu-el-Haggag in Karnak to Luxor. When the statues would arrive in Luxor, people would give offerings of food and drink and then start the singing, dancing and feasting for 24 days. The statues would then be returned back to the Mosque in Karnak.


  1. Interesting! Thanks for posting! :) I'm a huge fan of Cleopatra and all things Egyptian, but I didn't know of this celebration...

  2. Thanks for your comment! I find it so interesting that almost every culture has some form of New Years. However, I wish our New Years celebration would last for 24 days too!


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