BEING CLEOPATRA: Cleopatra VII's Family Tree

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cleopatra VII's Family Tree

Cleopatra VII Philopator queen of Egypt, daughter of Ptolemy XII probably by Cleopatra V, born in year 12 of Ptolemy XII = 70/69, probably in December 70 or early January 69, succeeded Ptolemy XII spring 51, incorporated into the dynastic cult as the Father-loving Goddess Qea Filopatwr, associated on accession as senior ruler with her brother Ptolemy XIII, contested seniority with him in year 3 = 50/49, expelled from Egypt mid 48, restored to supreme rule with support from Julius Caesar c. Kal.-a.d. VIII Id. Nov. AUC 706 = c. 25-30 August 48, associated as senior ruler with her brother Ptolemy XIV as the Father-loving and Sibling-loving Gods, Qeoi FilopatoreV kai Filadelfoi, end of Martius AUC 707 = early January 47, associated as senior ruler with her son Ptolemy XV probably 1 Thoth year 9 = 4 September 44, granted rule of territories in Phoenicia, Syria, and Cilicia by Antony in late 37 or early 36 = year 16 = year 1 of a new era, changing her cult title to the younger father-loving and country-loving goddess: Qea Newtera Filopatwr FilopatriV, proclaimed "queen of kings" at the Donations of Alexandria autumn 34, committed suicide in Alexandria by poison, perhaps administered by cobra-bite, probably on 17 Mesore year 22 = 12 August 30. Egypt was formally annexed to the Roman Republic with effect from 6 Mesore year 1 of Augustus = Kal. Sex. AUC 724 = 1 August 30.

Cleopatra VII's titles as king of Egypt were:Horus & Nomen

Cleopatra VII probably had one liaison and three marriages.

Cleopatra VII first conducted a liaison with C. Julius Caesar, consul and dictator of the Roman Republic, as his umpteenth mistress, began late October AUC 706 = mid August 48, ended by his assassination Id. Mart. AUC 710 = 14 March 44. Cleopatra VII probably had one child by this liaison: Ptolemy XV Caesarion

Cleopatra VII secondly probably married her brother Ptolemy XIII, November AUC 706 = c. September 48. The marriage was ended by his death on a.d. VI Kal. Apr. AUC 707 = 13 January 47.

Cleopatra VII thirdly probably married her brother Ptolemy XIV, end of Martius or Aprilis AUC 707 = c. January 47. The marriage was ended by his death in mid 44.

Cleopatra VII fourthly initiated a liaison at Tarsus in 41 and later probably married as his fifth wife M. Antonius, triumvir of the Roman Republic, probably in 37. The marriage was terminated by his suicide in Alexandria on Kal. Sex. AUC 724 = 1 August 30. She had three children by this liaison and marriage: Alexander Helios, his twin Cleopatra Selene, by whom she had further descendants, and Ptolemy Philadelphus.

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