BEING CLEOPATRA: The Many Faces of Cleopatra

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Many Faces of Cleopatra

The most famous woman of ancient times has been portrayed by some of the most famous women of cinema, including Gone With the Wind’s Vivien Leigh, the original movie vamp Theda Bara, the sultry Claudette Colbert of classic Hollywood, the luscious Sophia Loren, beautiful Rhonda Fleming and of course superstar Elizabeth Taylor in the most notorious version of Cleopatra of all. Along with profiles of these and other stars are those of the directors and producers behind the camera such as Cecil B. DeMille who have put their stamp on the Cleopatra legend. Included are interviews with Rhonda Fleming and others, clips from both well known productions and some of the more obscure films from archival sources, with rare behind the scenes footage of the making of these epic spectacle along with clips from parodies of movie Cleopatras, plus a survey pf other queens of antiquity and fantasy who have made their mark on the movies.

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